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Aramid Paper H-CLASS

Aramid Paper
Aramid Paper H-CLASS is offered with high shear adhesion. This is appropriate for inter-turn insulation of poles, used in class H application. In the case of high temperature, the film is utilized to achieve thermal class H and allows for the safe & efficient insulation of copper as well as aluminum conductors. Aramid Paper H-CLASS offered by us is utilized for the slot closure & insulation slot in dry type transformers as well as electric motors. It is provided with many technical, electrical and mechanical properties. Also, it can be used as a covering for the twin leads. Primarily, it is demanded for high-tech applications. Functional as best-quality construction material and electrical insulation material, this is capable to make the honeycomb core.

Benefits, application, composition and physical properties:

Aramid Paper H-CLASS is made from aromatic polyamides. This is an important material that is extensively demanded due to its physical properties such as boosted strength, chemical resistance, high heat resistance, impact resistance, low density, abrasion resistance etc. Applications include optical fiber cables, rubber, safety & protection, tire reinforcements, electrical insulation, filtration, frictional materials and others. Aramid Paper H-CLASS ensures enhanced safety & security. Also, it is needed for the applications, which need energy-efficiency.