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Bopet Film

Bopet Film
To cope with the application requirements of lamination, print, insulation and many other industries, Ganapathy Industries is offering a superior quality range of BOPET Films. The offered films are produced using superior quality polyester, BOPET +eva and corona treatment as per international quality norms. BOPET Polyester Film of our company are well praised for having no bubbles & wrinkles or desquamate, giving glossier look as compare to the traditional laminating material and remaining in the same color for a long time. Due to such remarkable features, our films are widely used for coating on magazine, books, catalogs; promotional materials, outdoor advertisements, paper bags, clothes lags, blueprint document, digital print and wedding photograph. Apart from these, our films are also used for wrapping boxes of medicines, cosmetics, gift, food items, etc.

Physical properties:

BOPET (Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) Films are the polyester films, which are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These are proffered with high tensile strength, useful transparency, stability in their chemical and dimensional attributes, high reflectivity etc. Apart from that, these have excellent aroma & gas barrier properties.  BOPET films have high electrical insulation and moisture barrier properties, which allow them to be used with plastic bottles. Made from the industrial fibers that are thin-yet-strong, these deliver outstanding usages in different applications.

ApplicationsBOPET films enjoys several applications in umpteen industries. Few of them are mentioned here:

Food contact and flexible packaging applications
  • Screening over paper
  • Insulation of material houses as well as tents, due to the thermal radiation they give out
  • Suited for aviation, solar and marine applications
  • Acoustic & electronics
  • Dentistry
  • Used as wind-savers as well as structures for valved harmonicas
  • Numismatics – Totally appropriate for a risk-less and efficient storage of coins
  • Functional as the best-quality substrates, utilized for making the floppy disks as well as magnetic recording tapes