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Bopp tape

Bopp tape
BOPP Tapes are useful as the excellent quality adhesive packing tapes, which find utility in the sealing of medium to heavy-duty cartons. These are highly demanded in the industries of shipping, logistics, inventory management and others. Being the thermoplastic polymers, these have been provided with many amazing features as well as physical properties. BOPP Tapes, we provide are found ductile at some specific temperatures. The best thing is that these can be stretched in many directions and thus are known as the biaxial oriented tapes. Stretching property make them more strong and transparent. In addition, these boast of high tensile strength as well as strapping fabrication, due to which they become applicable for labeling & packaging.

Key Points:
  • Exhibit excellent resistance to scrape, reacting agents, moisture and burst.  Surfaces allow for easy coating & printing.
  • Capable to be easily slitted whenever needed.
  • Have optimum applications even in the high-temperature ranges.

Benefits: The adhesives bonds these make is really very quick. These have been bestowed with several additional properties such as resistance to UV, deformation and heat. Other outstanding features these show are excellent clearness, high gloss, perfect dimensional stability and planeness. Also, these have shrinkage and wrinkle proof construction. The non-toxic and recyclable nature of the offered BOPP tapes make them highly demanded for packaging and other sectors. The tapes remain unaffected by low as well as high ranges of temperature.