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Copper Wire

Copper Wire
In numerous grouping of electrical wiring, copper is used as an electrical conductor. The copper wires are extensively used to generate power, transmit power, and distribute power in the fields of electronics circuits, telecommunications, and innumerable electrical-equipments. There are various types of copper wires basis their assorted properties like Bare Copper Wires, Insulated Copper Wire, and Enameled Copper Wires. We are offering all these wires with assurance of finest quality and performance. The Enameled Copper Wires are a type of copper wire, which is covered with a slim layer of insulation. This wire is mainly used in creation of transformers, inductor, electromagnets, speakers, hard disk head actuators, motor and many other gears, which postulates tight loops of wire.

Ganapathy Industries is the renowned firm in this industry providing superior quality Bare Copper Wires, Insulated Copper Wire, etc. These are broadly used for machine wiring, control panels and in various electrical installations. With their supreme and matchless features they are the ideal conductors for covered wiring. These copper wires are available in various specs and can be applied to several sectors.

Benefits of Copper Wires: Copper Wires are demanded for electrical as well electronic-related devices. The industries demand them due to the umpteen advantages these provide. In comparison to the non-precious metals, supplied optimum quality wires can deal with a big load of electrical power. Due to this, they make less insulation. Optimum resistance to heat & corrosion and capacity to evade the overloading are some of the major benefits provided by these cables. Copper Wires we deal in are not affected by oxidation and ensure high functionality in different sectors. Having high ductility, these allow for simple bending into different forms. There is no fear of breaking with the utilization of these cables, which boast of best conductor properties, high melting point, resistance to loosening, simple uses etc.