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Dr.Beck Products for varnishes & Resins

Dr.Beck Products for varnishes & Resins
Dr.Beck Products for varnishes & Resins

Our Bangalore based company is an authorized distributors for Elantas Beck (India) Limited. We deal with products namely:
  • Impregnating resins
  • Impregnating varnishes
  • Finishing varnishes
  • Potting compounds
  • Encapsulating resins
These products are used for impregnation, potting, encapsulation, and insulation of electric devices. We cater to the unique needs of many Indian companies from electrical industry. Used in the Insulation system of electrical machines for impregnation and finishing applications, the impregnating resins and varnishes offer advantages like increased mechanical bonding to the winding wire, improved dielectric properties & thermal conductivity. These also play key components for the production of modern motor, generator and transformer. Use of impregnating resins provide protection from various environmental factors, while impregnating varnish provides temperature stability and resistance to different chemical and climatic stresses. In order to provide extra protection for electrical components from environmental influences, many companies use finishing varnishes. These are resistant to climatic stress and support good temperature stability.