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Electrical Insulation Material

Electrical Insulation Material

Ganapathy Industries manufactures, distributes, supplies & exports electrical insulating material for the electrical and electronics industry. The different electrical insulating components can be found in from very small to very powerful electronic devices such as capacitors, household appliances, cars, generators, computers, circuit boards, etc., saving materials and energy. Basically, the electric insulators are used in every electrical system. The purity & surface condition of the material and time of application of the voltage are two important factors on which the resistivity of an insulator depends.

The electrical insulating material possess properties like mechanically strong, very high dielectric strength to withstand the voltage stresses, free from unwanted impurities, and ability to withstand all the temperature conditions; beneficial for insulating purpose. We stock complete line of electrical insulating films with suitable solutions for the demanding requirements of electric motor, transformer, and wire insulation requirements.

The electrical insulating materials are in-house manufactured and tested for its electrical and physical properties like dielectric breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, dissipation factor, and other physical properties. The electrical insulating films offer excellent dielectric characteristics. Such films when used in combination with insulating papers, form a composite with a great combination of thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties.

Through consistent research and development, continual development of insulating material and processes, Ganapathy Industries has established a leading position as the manufacturer of electrical insulating material, positioning ourselves as the preferred supplier for the electrical insulation industry and the main supplier to many large organizations in the country and around the world.