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Milky White Film

Milky White Film
Get the best quality Milky White Films here at the website of India's largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of packaging films industry. Following a strict quality policy, these films are made from finest quality plastic and polymer. To cope with the diverse demands of several industries, our Milky White Polyester Films are offered in several thicknesses, length rolls, widths and specifications. The offered milky films are widely used for protecting products from dust, moisture and all the harms that may occur during transportation. These are also used for privacy purpose, as their milky appearance completely hide the packed products. Further, from this page, our company also entertains customers for their bulk or urgent demands without paying much extra charges.

Physical properties and applications:

Milky white polyester films offered by Ganapathy Industries, are offered with stable dimension, resistance to moisture, superior tensile strength, superior insulation performance, heat-resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and many others. These can be efficiently used for coil, motor, capacitor, cable insulation materials and others. In addition, these find usefulness in the industries of electrical insulation, electronics, home appliances, motor slot, instrumentation, display and different others. Also, these are suited for coil & slot insulation of motor. In some industries, these are used as the centrifuges between the construction of dry transformer.

USP of Milky white polyester films:
  • High malleability for preventing the delamination
  • Outstanding insulation properties
  • Superior machinability
  • Optimum mechanical properties
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Outstanding anti-static property on the coated side