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Plastic Films

Plastic Films
Plastic Film

One of a leading companies in the plastics films industry- Ganapathy Industries offers a wide range of plastic film products such as elastic, polyester and polyethylene plastic film. With an international footprint and local supply capabilities, the company is able to support demand for films applications in diverse end-user markets including:
  • Personal care
  • Construction
  • Electronic display
  • Food packaging
  • Lighting industries
Ganapathy Industries' range of plastic film spans several substrates; both standard plain films as well as a range of value added films with offline coating and metallizing capabilities. With our strategically placed global operations and work culture focused on innovative research and development, the company is poised to expand in diverse markets around the world. Designed for withstanding the tear, the plastic film available in rolls stay strong and protect number of products.

Ganapathy Industries' investments and marketing efforts makes it possible to offer a variety of products and solutions to its customers. When complemented with investments in specialty coatings and metallizing and in-house availability of various base films helps enhance our product line-up of various applications ranging from general packaging, specialty packaging, electrical liners to a complete collection of industrial applications like hot stamping foil, flexible air conditioning ducts, book lamination. The polyethylene plastic film is the most common type, which is accessible in a variety of different combinations of types, finishes, and thicknesses. Our clients utilize polyester plastic film for packaging applications owing to its tear & chemical resistance, dimensionally stability, durability, low water absorption, mechanical and dielectric strength.