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Polyester films

Mylar Film

Consistently providing excellent customer service and fast & efficient delivery for years, our company manufactures, sells and ships a wide range of plastic products to industries like power generation, aerospace, electronics, control and distribution, automotive, pharmaceuticals and packaging. We source and supply a variety of specialist films, out of which Mylar film is widely demanded in both domestic and international markets.

Basically a polyester film or plastic sheet, Mylar is a registered trademark owned by  Tejjin Films- a world's leading differentiated producer of PET and PEN polyester films. Accessible in a variety of styles, finished and thickness, Mylar plastic film are used for artist overlays, charts, layouts, etc. where clarity, durability and dimensional stability are essential.

If you are looking for high performance plastic film, Mylar is the best choice. Used widely for packaging, printing, electrical, electronics, imaging and graphics, apparel and other industrial applications, Mylar polyester film can be identified for its physical properties such as tensile strength, strength elongation, surface roughness, density, viscosity, etc. and electrical properties like dielectric strength, dissipation factor, volume resistivity, corona threshold, etc. and thermal properties like melting point, dimensional stability, thermal expansion, etc.

  • Office supplies
  • Electrical insulation
  • Industrial laminations with other flexible materials
Features and Benefits
  • Resists moisture and chemicals
  • Resists extreme temperatures (-100oF to 300oF)
  • Tough, flexible and heat resistant
  • Excellent insulating characteristics
  • Free of plasticizers
  • Easy to handle and process, with good adhesion
  • Meets UL 94 VTM-2 standard for 92-1400 gauge (0.023 - 0.35mm)
  • UL Recognized for 92-500 gauge (0.023-0.13mm) HWI=5, HAI=4, CTI=1; for 700-1400 gauge (0.18-0.35mm) HWI=4, HAI=0, CTI=1