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Polyimide Plastic Film

Polyimide Plastic Film

Ganapathy Industries is reliable Polyimide Film Supplier. It is a revolutionary product having proven performance as the most elastic material. The Polyimide Plastic Film is used in applications, which involves varying temperature scale from high to low. This plastic film is also used in diverse areas including substrates for bendable printed circuits, transformer units, capacitor padding and bar-code labels. Polyimide Plastic firm is also applied for wire and cable tapes, shaped coil insulation, substrates for bendable slot liners in motor, printed circuits, insulation for transformer unit, magnet wire, and capacitor padding, magnetic and pressure receptive tapes and tubing.

Polyimide Plastic Film has distinctive and matchless amalgamation of properties that makes it perfect for diverse applications in multiple industries possible. These plastic films are adaptable to varying temperature keeping their superlative electric, physical, and automatic properties unimpaired; which have made them an excellent choice for innovative designs and novel application areas.


  • Resistance to High Temperature
  • Excellent Insulator