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Polyimide Polyester Films

Meet the best Polyimide Films provider here, this is the website of a renowned packaging films company. Produced using superior quality polyester / polyamide, these have excellent dielectric property and ability to protects the internal wire/cable/material from several physical damage. Films made up of Polyimide allow easy visual inspection on the internal structures due to their transparency. The Polyimide Polyester Film  we offer have excellent resistance to tear, tensile strength and precision heat distribution, which also make these perfect to be used in high temperature environments. You can get high quality Polyimide films of various sizes, colors, thicknesses and lengths-widths in minimal possible time period by giving your orders to us.


Synthesis of Polyimides

The films are made from Polyimides, which is prepared with the integration of extremely stable and potent heterocyclic ring systems into the polymer series. Due to the high inter-chain interaction, it gains high cohesion and high thermal stability. The most popular method of its synthesis is the reaction made between diamine and dianhydride.


Applications & Key Features

Polyimide Films are known as the high-performance polymers that ensure optimum functionality even in the high temperature applications. In some industries, these are also preferred for replacing the conventional utilization of metals, steel and glass. These have been embedded with excellent mechanical properties and consequently demanded for the applications, running in need of rugged organic materials. Polyimide films are serviceable for high temperature fuel cells, flat panel displays, aerospace applications, chemical industry, military applications, environmental industries etc.