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Quality Assurance

Are you looking for best quality Insulation Material?

Do you want application specific Insulation Material?

If your answer is yes, then we Ganapathy Industries has the perfect solution for you. We are a Bangalore based manufacturing and distributing company, offering a range of insulation material with complete quality assurance.

The quality of our products is ensured by implementing a 'set scheme' which is devised after deep understanding of our company's needs, strengths and application areas of the products. We assessed the "most pressing" and general concerns related to the development and uses of insulating material. Accordingly, the urgent and critical needs were given priority and hence our so called 'set scheme' gave us success much quickly. Today, our products are used in various industries and applications, where their best performance is always and continuously acknowledged.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company

We have earned the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for abiding to every aspect of quality assurance. To justify the respect, we keep on assessing the new developments in the insulation material sector and improve our 'set scheme' whenever the need occurs.