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Summersible Slot Paper G-Flex

Summersible Slot Paper G-Flex – Submersible Slot Paper G-Flex
Submersible Slot Paper G-Flex offered by us is appropriate for medium as we small sized electric motors such as compressor motor, submersible motor, washing machine motor, water pump motor, fan motor and others. Since it is made to use with motors, it shows optimum resistance against shock, vibration, moisture etc. Submersible Slot Paper G-Flex is a triplex constructed film, which finds usages in some special applications. It is provided with high level of surface resistivity as well as excellent moisture resistance. The film is provided with high tensile strength and excellent dielectric and tear strengths. Offered is a dimensionally stabilized material, accessible in different thicknesses. With us, these are provided in the rolls.  The film has slot liner materials in them, which enable them to be used in the construction of various electrical machines. Also, it exhibits indispensable safety function and electrical insulation to various machines.

Key Points:
  • Makes a barrier between the steel lamination and copper wirings.
  • Provided with high flexibility as well as formability., Finds compatibility with the operation of motor.
  • Offered in the customized lengths, offered with anti-curl properties, high stiffness, fold resistance, uniform coating and others.
  • Accessible in smooth finish so as to support all types of printing